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apropos(1) shows which manual pages contain instances of any of the given keyword(s) in their title line. Each word is considered separately and case of letters is ignored. Words which are part of other words are considered; when looking for compile, apropos will also list all instances of compiler.

% apropos interface
ALTQ (9) - kernel interfaces for manipulating output queues on network interfaces
vax/acc (4) - ACC LH/DH IMP network interface
acpi (4) - Advanced Configuration and Power Interface
amiga/afsc (4) - A4091 low level SCSI interface
agr (4) - link aggregation pseudo network interface driver
ai (4) - AT&T StarLAN Ethernet interface driver
acorn32/asc (4) - Acorn SCSI I Card device interface
atu (4) - Atmel at76c50x 802.11B wireless network interfaces
amiga/atzsc (4) - A2091 low level SCSI interface
audio (9) - interface between low and high level audio drivers
be (4) - SPARC Fast Ethernet interface

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