Easily install Java Runtime on OS X

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Java is often needed for online banking or different other applications written in that programming language.

It is recommended to avoid using Java on your Mac because most vulnerabilities found in Mac are related to Java Runtime Environment.
Not many websites and apps require using Java on OS X Mountain Lion so if you decide to install Java I recommend keeping it disabled for the most of the time to avoid viruses and malware.


Launch “Terminal” from /Applications/Utilities/ and write the following command in order to install Java:

# Java --version

Now hit return and you will notice message saying, “No Java runtime present, requesting install” and you will be prompted to install Java SE in order to open “Java” content.
Hit “Install” to get the latest version of Java. Java is installed from Apple website instead of Java.com because Apple checks each and every app which is installed on your Mac to avoid security breaches.


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