Install iSCSI Target on Debian or Ubuntu Linux

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Tested on:

  • Debian Squeezy
  • Debian Wheezy
  • Ubuntu Natty




Install the packages:

# apt-get install iscsitarget-source
# apt-get install iscsitarget

Pay attention that you will probably get an error when installing the last package, the error is :

Starting iSCSI enterprise target service: FATAL: Module iscsi_trgt not found.
netlink fd
: Connection refused

The error is normal, because we still didn't build the kernel module to use for iSCSI.
Installing the iscsitarget-source package will provide us with all the tools we need to build the kernel module.

So, let's build it with this command :

# m-a a-i iscsitarget

Now you need to load the module:

# modprobe iscsi_trgt

Your system is now ready. You can known configure your iSCSI target.


On wheezy you just run:

# apt-get install iscsitarget iscsitarget-dkms

and it will install the kernel modules.


On Ubuntu, it's very simple as the package is available in the main stable repository.
All you have to do is to simply run following command :

# apt-get install iscsitarget

Add an iSCSI target



Add there something such as:

       IncomingUser user_name password
       Lun 0 Type=fileio,Path=/dev/md0,ScsiId=odin0,ScsiSN=20110830
       Alias LUN0

Read man 5 ietd.conf for details about the values in ietd.conf

After you're finished configuring it run:

# /etc/init.d/iscsitarget start


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