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Fernando said ...

<comment date="2012-05-19T13:24:29Z" name="Fernando"> The code technically beognls to where I work, so I probably can't, sorry.The theory is, though:Prep: On the Infoblox, have a DHCP range that is limited to only allow MACs that are in a certain filter. On the Infoblox, have a Fixed Address template with the settings you want.In action: Grab the macaddr of the device you want to boot. Create a new fixed address object from the fixed address template. Put it in the DHCP range. Use the device macaddress. To determine the IP, you have to grab all IPs in the DHCP range and dig through them to find one that is not used, and doesn't have an IP/Mac Address assigned. You have to do this vs. using their function because there are situations where it thinks it is free, but is actually assigned. I ran into this on our stuff at least. Create DNS records as necessary. Create a new MAC object holding the mac address of the device. Add that new MAC object to the proper MAC filter. Watch device boot, it should boot on the specific IP.Doing this from memory, but I'm pretty sure this is how I have it going Good luck! </comment>